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Card / Key Fob Based Entry Systems

We design and install key fob and card based access control systems in the Long Island and surrounding New York Metropolitan area.

Digital Provisions can install and secure your businesses entry and exit points to ensure only authorized personal have access to sensitive rooms or buildings.

All electronic access control systems provide a number of advantages over key based locks. The primary security and economic advantage is that a persons access can be disabled instantly without having to re-key a lock or distribute new keys to other employees. Other advantages include the ability to secure inner areas of your business, the ability to "buzz" someone in, and complete logging of who used the system to gain access to an area.

Our key fob based access and remote control solutions offer options that extend beyond just entry to and exit from your property. In additions to beign able to lock and unlock your doors you could open or close your garages, arm and disarm your alarm system, control lighting and HVAC systems or just about anything else you can imagine. When integrated into a security or energy management platform our remote controls bring a new level of ease of use, security and realized energy savings to your facility or home.

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